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                          Marc S. Langelier

Composer, Sound Designer, Multi-Instrumentalist...                     
The above video is "Between Frames" by Pam Taylor. The music is by Rattlemouth. I did the Sound Design, Recording, and Production for this one.
Danny Finney: Saxophones
Robbie Kinter: Zither Ostinato
Marc Langelier: Handsonic, Sound Design
George Lowe: Guitar
This is also the portal to Robbie Kinter's You Tube page. There is a lot more Rattlemouth video here!
I'll be adding more video to my website soon................................................
My current gig schedule is:
March 12th @ Emilio's w/ Rattlemouth
March 19th @ The Republic w/ Rattlemouth
April 1st @ The Nile w/ Rattlemouth
April 9th @ Emilio's w/ Rattlemouth
April ??? w/ Amaranth Dance Co.
April 19th @ The Camel w/ Rattlemouth
April 23rd @ The Earth Day Fest w/ Rattlemouth
April 23rd @ VSU performing w/ Choreographer
                   Willie Hinton and the VSU dancers.
May 7th @ Ellwood's Coffee Shop w/ Rattlemouth
May 14th @ Grace St. Theater performing w/
                   Choreographer Rodney Williams and
                   City Dance Troupe. shows are 4pm and
May 14th @ Emilio's w/ Rattlemouth.
June 11th @ Emilio's w/ Rattlemouth
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